Homeward via France!

Sadly our year of adventure is almost over and the last leg is towards the Eurotunnel. 

Biarritz was our first stop. No photos due to torrential rain but a great night out sampling the local bars and nosh. Blaye was next and a wonderful couple of nights parked in the grounds of Chateau Marquis du Vauban. It snowed the second day but we’d bought a box of wine by then. The cat is called Marquis and was a stray in the vineyard. She now, rightly, rules the roost!

Staying wherever we could find an inviting aire, Coulon and Brissac Quince were next. Both villages were pretty closed down and sleepy. The first had canals and the later a splendid chateau. It was closed for winter but we managed a photo before being shooed away. 

Our last major port of call was an area we wanted to visit from the start, Normandy. Mainly for the beaches but Argentan was a fortuitous stop as we caught a stage of the Tour of Normandy cycling.

This is Utah beach and our van..

And our final new stopover before the passport vets and Calais, Omaha Beach…

A sobering visit, we really are exceptionally lucky.

Dogs on the way back home – me and 2 terriers next door.

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