Santiago to Pamplona

Via checking out the beach at San Sebastian, from which I was barred. Not because of local law but due to my ears already being full of sand. 

Anyway we’d left the wonderful Santiago de Compostela and driven across the northern coast of Spain. Essentially a return pilgrimage. Tapia de Casariego was our first stop and has a huge tidal beach. The source of my too-much-sand-in-ears problem..

Followed was a rainy night in Candas and a noisy night in a Gijon car park. Boy racers in ‘not so hot’ hatches, are a common feature in Spain!

Fancying some peaceful sleep and countryside we found the only campsite open in Los Picos de Europa. We we on the edge of the park but it was stunning and the best cycling yet. A really beautiful national park which phone cameras don’t do justice. 

After a few days we dragged ourselves away towards San Sebastian via Cobreces. Elaine had been before but the €3 a night motorhome parking couldn’t be missed for such a pleasant town. One night in a local establisment, one in a touristy pintxos bar.

Our final stop in Spain was to be Pamplona, famous for it’s bull running and where I met up with my friend Kio the galgo.  

It’s a maze of dark, cobbled streets with lots of bars and restaurants. It’s boho, interesting and a great place for galgo runs. Thanks to a lovely day with Kio and his humans we got a local’s insight into a great city. 

Dogs in car parks – me, 2 cocker spaniels and a van with 8 cats (so their polite notice read!)

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