It’s snowtime! 

There’s only one thing more fun than chasing a tennis ball, 

and that’s snowballing! 

Before the heady giddiness of the Sierra Nevada, we visited Gibraltar for the day. We’d expected Monaco like glamour with yachts, but you couldn’t see the sea for building work. The town was a town centre similar to most back home and dogs weren’t allowed up the rock (fair enough as it is a nature reserve). Glad we went though, as the view as you drive up is iconic..

And, so to the stunning heights of the Sierra Nevada. Pradollano and the parking was above 2000m, the slopes over 3000m. Not particularly great for Elaine, who’s vertigo spiralled into a meltdown on the drive up, but thankfully calmed at the ski station. Needless to say she doesn’t ski! 

I mostly did this all day….

What a wonderful spot to park up for a few days, even when -11° ….

Dog on slopes – Huskies (of course) and labs, including a gorgeous black puppy with a family. If you look closely you can see her happily sledging on the girl’s knee….

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