9 months & finally Benidorm!

We hadn’t planned Benidorm but as we headed south it just had to be done! 

First came a quiet couple of days in Cambrils, a pleasant resort on the Costa Dorada. Already the British influence was creeping in….

Driving down for our next stopover, a night in Castellon de la Plana. I’m sure it’s perfectly nice in parts but we pitched up in the free car park with fellow vans and the area was, well, a port. 

And then…. the unique Benidorm! In January it’s full (only a handful of pitches out of 700) with retired Brits, Dutch and Belgiums all sunning themselves, drinking and zipping around on mobility scooters. They’re having a ball and who can blame them! We stayed for 6 nights and Avenida de Doz was perfect for people watching…

The weather was glorious, everyone friendly, the beach spotless and there was an Iceland. What more could you ask for eh?! 

Sadly we had to leave our sunny Wetherspoons (aptly described by a friend) to head further south.

Dogs on site – hundreds 

Wildlife on site (yep in Benidorm) – hedgehogs, bats, chocolate brown squirrels (lots, grr) 

And, yes, of course we found the Solana Hotel! 

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