Castles, lakes & snow..

Fairytale castle anyone? Well, if you could see it through the blizzard Neuschwanstein was impressive. It was also tourist central and overrun with camera wielding groups (like us just minus a dog)

As we could barely see the castle for the snow, never mind the beautiful alpine view, we decided to leave before getting stuck in the car park. Shame as it was quite a building.

We’d spent a couple of busy (and stein filled) nights in Munich before heading down to Lake Tegernsee and the small town of Bad Wiessee. We’d treated ourselves to a few nights in a hotel and, being Germany,  I was even allowed in the breakfast room. The lake and surrounding hills were stunning and everywhere so Christmassy. We loved it.

Dogs in Italians, bierhaus’, taverns and hotels – me and a couple of terriers in Munich! 

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