It seems that every town in Germany has a shiny, bauble filled Christmas market. And every market has lots of sausage stalls driving me nuts (so far I have managed to steal two much to Elaine’s embarrassment). Above and below is Ingolstadt…

Top left is the yellow Old Anatomy Building, the 1818 university setting of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. As is obvious Ingolstadt also had a rather pretty, and busy, Christmas market. 

Bavaria is one handsome town after another. Donauworth, above, was our next stop, it’s motorhome parking is free so more to spend in the very accommodating bars. Dogs can go almost anywhere in Germany and are made to feel most welcome.

Above is Nordlingen, a random town we chose but see what I mean about handsome towns… It has a circular medieval wall you can walk all the way round, countless timber houses, lovely hotels and, of course, a wonderful Christmas market. More hot wine and sausages…… 

Before we’d got this far we spent a noisy night in a car park in outer Nuremberg. Chosen because it was close to Luitpoldhain a lovely park that was once the site of huge Nazi rallies. Reclaimed and full of dogs and chatting locals (quite rightly)

 Dogs in Mexican restaurants – one…

8 thoughts on “Bavaria 

  1. Lovely tour Doris. You’re such a privileged hound to visit all those places.
    Love it to enjoy with you , great
    sausages thief hihihi
    Love Diba and Banu


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