Whitby, Runswick Bay and Staithes

I didn’t find Dracula nor did I see any black dogs but Whitby was fab. The abbey and it’s 13th century remains are high on the hill overlooking, well, everything…

Fish and chips and tourists abound, even on a murky Monday in September. It must be packed like sardines on a sunny Sunday!

The caravan sites were very busy so forced to move on we stayed at the very picturesque Runswick Bay just up the coast.

The weather was better and it was truly stunning. Needless to say the beach is amazing for a zoom and the one pub in the bay is doggy friendly.

A decent walk along the Cleveland Way path takes you to Staithes, a once thriving fishing village and now seemingly holiday cottages. Again very dog friendly and well worth a mooch as it’s an unusual looking village.

So a quaint and interesting section of North Yorkshire but a distinct lack of me so here’s a live action photo. It’s a dog’s life…

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