Blackpool promenading

We’re staying near Morecambe so took a day trip to Blackpool. This was quite enough for me, it was packed, very packed, and noisy, very noisy. Like Skegness it seemed to be all about the fast food and less about old seaside cheeky charm. Not a ‘kiss me quick’ hat in sight. The fun had even left the Pleasure Beach as you had to pay just to walk around. A shame.

Still the beach looked nice and the donkeys are still there….

The week before we’d stayed a few nights in Ingleton on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. It was stunning if somewhat rainy. A quick visit to the Ribblehead Viaduct was cut short by torrential rain and hail so this was as close as we got (and I had already retreated to the van) It’s quite amazing.

Ingleton also had a super waterfall trail, 5 miles along 2 rivers and 6 waterfalls. Well worth the effort and a pint much needed afterwards in the cosy local pub…

Dogs on site – me, a labradoodle and a whippet who runs alongside a sweet child on a bike round the site.

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