Skegness was bracing (and sandy)

The weather was shocking but I loved Skeggy! It has a funfair….

….. and donkeys…..

…… and a beach to make you giddy…

…. and seals, clubhouses and clocks…

Bracing, brash, full of tat and chip shops but brilliant.

Before we ate our body weight in fried food we drove cross country towards the Forest of Bowland, Lancashire, taking in the beauty of the Peak District along the way. Treak Cliff Cavern (and others) surprisingly allowed dogs to visit……

Not a bit scared I scampered around the cave sniffing Blue John like I was a true pit bonk (apparently what Elaine’s mining ancestors were nicknamed)

And so to Bowlands, home of great cycling, scenery and relatively dark skies….

Dogs on site – me, labs, spanners, cavaliers…. it’s a popular joint 

2 thoughts on “Skegness was bracing (and sandy)

  1. Hi, Doz!
    I’ve only been to Skeggy once, and it looks like it hasn’t changed in 36 years😂.
    The Peak District is another place I’ve only been to once, but the difference between that and Skeggy is that I’d gladly return to it. Beautiful part of this Isle.
    I’ve never been to the forest of Bowland, so that’s another place you’ve been that I haven’t, you well-travelled lady😉.
    Be sure to let us know if you’re stopping near Darlington on your travels, and we can say hello to you again in real life.
    For now, enjoy your tour, and we love the blog and photos. Keep up the good work!
    Love from Jimmy, Nelly, and Daisy. Xxx


    • I spent a lot of time in Skeggy as a child as we had a caravan there (like a lot of midlanders!) It hadn’t changed in attitude, still friendly but it was so busy and full of fish and chips. We’ll be heading up north to Scotland in October and heading up your side! Elaine and Doz x


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