Neufchatel and back..

And that was France for now… roughly 2500 miles cross country and Spain and not a single traffic jam. A point we realised as 3 minutes on the M20 back home we were at a standstill! Thankfully not for long.

Anyway I loved France and Spain. Spanish bars are better but the French weather much more suited to us all. The French are scary fast drivers but the Spanish roads narrower (especially on sudden diversions through medieval towns) Both have equally fine cheese so 5 paw bumps for each. 

We finished our inaugural French tour in Neufchatel en Bray. A pleasant small town famous for it’s cheese and handy for a pet passport vet trip (grrrr) It’s also on the Avenue Verte, the cycle path that leads to Paris. The campsite was almost in the middle of the 40km traffic free section which pleased Elaine who covered the loop. Quiet bar the odd cyclist and cockeral. 

And so back to the UK. Le Shuttle was extremely easy and the French pet passport section very organised. Our first night home was parked behind a pub, well quelle surprise, and the next few onto Cambridge which is very lovely but very wet. So wet in fact that she couldn’t take any photos apart from this one. Tourists will have their river punt…

Dogs on site – a lunatic cockerpoo and a black shepherd who carries his collection of soft toys around. He’s called Sabre. 

5 thoughts on “Neufchatel and back..

  1. Hello, Doz, and welcome back to rainy old England☔️.
    My, you’ve had some fabulous adventures, and I’m sure there’s a lot more to come. Where next for you, the well-travelled lurcher girl?
    Wherever it is, I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun. Hope that we get to see you sometime this year.
    Stay dry, and I look forward to your next blog. Love from Nelly, Daisy, and I. Xxx


    • Hey James, thanks it’s good to be home for a bit. We got the map out and have ended up on the edge of Bowland Forest in Lancashire. It’s right nice. Hope the girls are well. Dozza x


      • Hello! Are you going to see the beautiful Ribblehead Viaduct? Just north of where you are, and stunning. The little Ribblehead train station is quaint too. I bet you’ve been there already😉.


      • Oh perfectly suggested. We are off to Ingleton today and didn’t realise we would be close to the viaduct. I will definitely get there somehow. Maybe by bike. Cheers James xx


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