The Spanish Pyrenees, more vets and Le Tour

So after a fabulous three weeks in Cadaques we moved to Cala Llevado on the Costa Brava. It was perfectly lovely but possibly the noisiest campsite in the world and stifling hot. Over 30 degrees was forecast so out came the crinkly, never correctly folded map and off we headed. Figuring higher ground was the key to wearing jumpers again we headed for the mountains. Bielsa in the Pyrenees to be precise. A few days there and a few days further on in Escarillo were perfect. Two beautiful, and cool, spots to pitch up.

By now my insect bites should have cleared but they hadn’t and my neck was increasingly swollen. Rather than head to France, as planned, Elaine decided we needed to be in a larger Spanish town to see a vet. This way marginally less arm waving and blank confusion at foreign language would occur. 

3 vet visits, a biopsy (clear) and many more drugs kept us close to Irun for a week. The vets were fantastic and politely tolerated my lupine howling whilst recovering the anesthetic. I am now fine albeit with a manky neck.

Having the all clear from the vet meant we could finally dash (trundle in the van) 250km back to France and some of the Tour de France. Obviously not for everyone but it was fab fun to see a start and a hill stage. And, of course, for my two chumps to ride part of a stage it was thrilling.

Dogs at the Tour – loads, beagles, yorkies, huskies, you name it.
Instruments in caravans so far – Guitars, goes without saying. Electric guitars with amps, turned up to 11. Ukele. Accordian. Harmonica. Drums – yep a full kit in a van! 

4 thoughts on “The Spanish Pyrenees, more vets and Le Tour

  1. Hi Doris
    glad to hear the vets were able to help you. hope the whole vet/insect thing isn’t a big disappointment and you all enjoy all the adventures and city’s.
    cross our paws you go up and better now on forward.
    lovely to see your holiday pictures
    love Diba and Banu


    • Hi girls. No we’re still having a ball. Waiting for the lump all clear was a horrid few days but we were in a friendly place. It’s all a lot of fun my big pals. Ps a lot of Dutch caravans! X


  2. Hi, Doz!
    Looks like you are all having fun (apart from the vet visits of course).
    Glad to hear that you are on the mend after the pesky insect bite.
    Nelly is also much better following weeks of screaming when she rose from her slumber. I feared it may be something serious, but it turned out to be just joint stiffness. My friend Emma (Robbie & Roxy’s Mum) sent Yumove tablets, and within 2 days she was back to her old self. Relieved!
    Loving the photos as always; I’m always jealous of your travels, as you have visited some stunning places. I bet you’re one of the most well-travelled lurchers ever!
    I’ll let you get back to roaching; I’m in need of a bath. I’d have a nap too, but Daisy has dragged the duvet off the bed to make herself a nest on the floor.
    See you soon.
    The Loafs.


    • Hey gang, funnily enough I was about to start another photo upload! Glad you like them. I’m so glad Nelly is ok with Robbie’s drugs. I will remember them too. Take it easy and love to you all, woofs x


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