84 days being a lurcher at large….

…… and I’m loving every moment (bar the insect bites). On the record I’d like to formally request one of these zodiac boats when I return home please. It was wave bouncing fun zipping around the bays and landing on beaches to the delight of other sunseekers ‘your dog is very good’. Good? I was beyond smugly pleased with myself, the kind of day you only dare to dream about in a rescue kennel. Ideal for Elaine and the family too.What wasn’t so ideal was my increasingly swollen neck. A further infection caused by the insect bites I’d suffered previously. So another trip to the lovely Cadaques vet who thought I was beautiful but a total wuss (unlike any galgos she’s treated) followed by a second trip to the pharmacy for drugs. The vet surgery is small so they don’t stock drugs!

Good job I’d got more friends visiting to lavish me with affection and sympathy….

Hotel Calina, Port Lligat is dogtastic!

Dogs in hotel – me, a sausage and a boxer who never left his room. Poor fella. 

6 thoughts on “84 days being a lurcher at large….

  1. Hey Doz, *waves* lovely to see you and the hoomans having a wonderful time – glad your blankie has made a stony beach more comfy for the delicate needs of a houndie!
    The Black Hound Gang send nose smooches 😚 xxxxx


  2. Hi Doz!
    Sorry you have a poorly neck, but it doesn’t seem to be slowing you down at all, especially when you are bouncing about on the waves in a speedy boatπŸ˜ƒ.
    Loving the photos you are sharing, you clever hound. One of your friends in the photos looks like Liam Neeson! Is it him? πŸ˜‚
    The past two weeks here has seen me fighting off the fleas from Nelly, Daisy, and the house. I’ve done little else but vacuum, spray, and treat my girls with spot-on thingies. At last I’m seeing dead fleas, and no more on them. Fingers crossed I’m out of the worst.
    Folk have been asking if we are attending the Northern Greyhound Gathering at Wetherby this Sunday; we might be able to go if my redbubble money will cover the petrol. Sue and Nicky from Cornwall are going, and want to see the girls, so as long as I stay away from the tempting stalls, it should be a cheap day out. Plus, the weather might be fine.
    Can’t wait for the next instalment of your blog, Doz; I’m off to get some sleep in prep for tonight’s work.
    Bye for now!


    • Hey guys. Are you going to the NGG, it’s this weekend I think? You should as it’s always so nice and sounds like everyone going. Wish I was there! How are the fleas? They are such a pain and I imagine worse this year with the weather. My neck getting better but it’s still weeping and making a mess. Elaine just wants me 100% again as I’m her girl. Liam Neeson is hilarious, our mate Pete will be very pleased with that! He’s a lovely man, very funny and loves animals. Ta tar for now, Dozza x


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