Cadaques swims and insect bites…

Swimming with friends is the best and what a stunning Spanish bay to do it in. I swam out to Elaine and her pals to the collective sound of ‘awwwww’ from the beach. Allegedly my turning circle is that of a large ship but my front leg speed is still unsurpassed. It was truly gorgeous.

We’re in Cadaques for 3 weeks of eating, drinking and mooching. The scenery is beautiful, quite luna at Cap de Creus and cutesy cobbled in the old town. And then there’s the culture of Dali’s house, especially the swimming pool bol. 

Of course it wouldn’t be an adventure without a panicked trip to the local vet. Inadvertently I got an insect, type unknown, stuck under my tongue which nibbled through half my mouth. So far 24 hours of swollen face, dribbling, not drinking and Elaine syringing water through my teeth. Paw holding, screaming (Doris not me) at the extremely nice vet, antibiotics et al and stress. But hey, I ate that blighter. 

Dogs on site – none but a wild boar visits every evening, barks in astonishment!

4 thoughts on “Cadaques swims and insect bites…

  1. Hello there, Doz.
    Congratulations on reaching Spain!
    I’d love to see you swimming one day, it’s hardly surprising that everyone was going “awww!”. Maybe hounds in Spain don’t do the swimming. You’d think they would just to keep cool in that heat.
    Speaking of heat, yesterday was a scorcher in most of the country. Myself and my friend, Claire, went out for naughty drinks all afternoon. We went a bit mad and had 5 pints and half a bottle of wine😂. The heat does strange things to us.
    A lovely member of the staff at the Tapas bar admired my ‘Greyhound Liberation Front’ T-shirt, so I wrote down my web address for her. Claire begged me to put my number on it too😂. No way!
    That biting insect sounded HORRIBLE! I hope you are getting better now, you poor girl.
    I’ve never seen a wild boar before, I only remember them from Asterix because they used to eat them. Maybe you’ll find some boar sausages?
    Thank you for another stunning post. Are you on Facebook? I was wondering if there were larger photos available to view. They are lovely.
    Hope to hear from you soon, and stay safe, lovely lurcher. X
    Love from Nelly, Daisy, and I.


    • Eek 5 pints and wine! Sounds like the weather back home has been amazing, so nice for a change. I hope she buys a tee shirt, Elaine has her greyhound records one with her! I don’t know on the photos, they are just uploaded straight from the Samsung, maybe we can change the pixels? Not on facebook. The boar is so Asterix, fab books those! Hope you haven’t got a hangover bol, love to Nelly and Daisy, Doz x
      Swimming with Doris was amazing, proper side by side. Won’t forget that. She’s much better ta but was a scary 24hrs. Elaine x


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