84 days being a lurcher at large….

…… and I’m loving every moment (bar the insect bites). On the record I’d like to formally request one of these zodiac boats when I return home please. It was wave bouncing fun zipping around the bays and landing on beaches to the delight of other sunseekers ‘your dog is very good’. Good? I was beyond smugly pleased with myself, the kind of day you only dare to dream about in a rescue kennel. Ideal for Elaine and the family too.What wasn’t so ideal was my increasingly swollen neck. A further infection caused by the insect bites I’d suffered previously. So another trip to the lovely Cadaques vet who thought I was beautiful but a total wuss (unlike any galgos she’s treated) followed by a second trip to the pharmacy for drugs. The vet surgery is small so they don’t stock drugs!

Good job I’d got more friends visiting to lavish me with affection and sympathy….

Hotel Calina, Port Lligat is dogtastic!

Dogs in hotel – me, a sausage and a boxer who never left his room. Poor fella. 

Cadaques swims and insect bites…

Swimming with friends is the best and what a stunning Spanish bay to do it in. I swam out to Elaine and her pals to the collective sound of ‘awwwww’ from the beach. Allegedly my turning circle is that of a large ship but my front leg speed is still unsurpassed. It was truly gorgeous.

We’re in Cadaques for 3 weeks of eating, drinking and mooching. The scenery is beautiful, quite luna at Cap de Creus and cutesy cobbled in the old town. And then there’s the culture of Dali’s house, especially the swimming pool bol. 

Of course it wouldn’t be an adventure without a panicked trip to the local vet. Inadvertently I got an insect, type unknown, stuck under my tongue which nibbled through half my mouth. So far 24 hours of swollen face, dribbling, not drinking and Elaine syringing water through my teeth. Paw holding, screaming (Doris not me) at the extremely nice vet, antibiotics et al and stress. But hey, I ate that blighter. 

Dogs on site – none but a wild boar visits every evening, barks in astonishment!

Montpellier to Spain via a Gendarmerie

I had barely sniffed hello before busting this move, apologies to my French family who kindly let me take over, entertained us and washed our smelly socks. 
The French interior gets a full 5 paw review from me, I loved it and can’t wait to return. The Ard├Ęche was stunning, good for cycling, dogs, eating and drinking… 

So onto the south of France and the relatives for some much needed home comforts (ie Tigger the cat bothering) We had super few days. Most importantly they have a sofa outside, yes in France you can do that without fear of rotting cushions…

And then the motorhome got broken into whilst on a quiet street in daylight outside a police station. Luckily not much damage and stolen things can be replaced but it was a mess. It lead to a strange yet entertaining afternoon at the local Gendarmerie. Thankfully with a fluent French speaker (Elaine can but oui) The highly stressed, yet obviously underworked, policeman threw his phones around grumbling at his computer and moaning at anyone who dared enter the station. A crime? ‘What do you expect me to do about it?’ Wave arms frantically and stomp off with your two guns. Still we got the crime report filed. 

We’re now is Spain and due to the love of galgos I may just like it better than France.

Dogs on site – many, almost 75% occupancy which leads to a daily escapee. 1 parrot, 1 cat