Les Settons to the Ardèche (sometimes awake)

Blimey it’s hot in France, around 30 most days. I endeavour to cook myself at every opportunity only to be thwarted by a cool van and a draggable bed. Pfft, I LIKE heat!

I also like lakes. This is the lake at Les Settons and it truly is a beautiful place. You can cycle the 17k around the lake, swim, paddle or just drink. We did all four. 

We then drove down through pretty Beaujolais and stopped overnight in not so pretty Anse. A small town ruined by a constant stream of heavy lorries, such a shame. We’re now further south in the Ardèche region and it’s quite lovely. Hills, trees, rivers, it’s got it all…. oh and lots of tourists thanks to a French bank holiday and mothers day!

Wildlife seen – bats, bloomin loads of them dive bombing me during bedtime abolutions. 

Dogs on site – me, a rogue black lab that runs about and 2 terriers. 

6 thoughts on “Les Settons to the Ardèche (sometimes awake)

  1. Oh my, Doz, that looks so very beautiful! I love the photo of you drinking from the clear water of the lake; the way the ripples spread out from your lapping tongue.
    It’s fun trying to find the places you mention on your blog (I’m such a map nerd). It should be a childrens book; ‘Where’s Doris?’😂
    It’s been flipping hot here too over the last few days, but we’ve just had a thunderstorm complete with hail and sheeting rain. Daisy is lying down in the kitchen (her safe place, apparently) to get over the scary claps of thunder. Nelly is oblivious to it all😉.
    It’s the end of my working week, and what a week! It is the bank holiday here too, so I’ve had more stock than usual to put out in uncomfortable heat of the night. I begged to work on the frozen foods department😂.
    I also had my car fail its MOT on Monday; one of the brake pads had sheared off, and they needed replacing. £189 in total (goodbye bonus!), but that included the price of the MOT, labour, and new security wheel nuts as my socket was broken by the folk who changed my last tyre. Not bad, and the people there are trustworthy.
    Despite the fact I’m almost back to square one, I can still have my Saturday night glass or two of wine, and I’m looking forward to a good movie.
    I’ll get away now, and leave you to bake in the sun, you lucky girl😃.
    Thanks for an entertaining read, and I’ll be in touch soon.
    Love from Jimmy, Nelly, and nervous Daisy.


    • Oh poor Daisy, I hope the thunder didn’t last long. Eek to the car, hopefully that’ll be it for a while now. Laughing about where’s Doris, we get the map out every few days to pick a route, I love maps. It’s 30 degrees here again so I will be taking Doris to the river every couple of hours for a dip. It’s very shallow but cool. Have a great bank holiday. Elaine and Dozpot x


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