Bonjour mes amis 

Yep, I’m in France! The channel tunnel was a swift and easy affair albeit unnerving for a delicate hound like myself. Luckily being in our own vehicle meant I could be comforted accordingly (ie lots)

The above beach is Dunkerque and behind me are several German bunker remains and the famous evacuation area. Shame about the tagging…

20170515_130109We’re now in the Somme region having driven a couple of hours south via Ypres and Vimy Ridge. Ypres is a pretty town with beautiful brick buildings, on a sunny day it belies it’s tragic past. The Menin Gate….

20170516_120622.jpgThe Somme countryside is stunning but what can you say really….. I think the last photo sums it up. It’s the Dorset Regiment’s monument alone in a farmer’s field which Elaine came across on her bike. To the left are the woods where the regiment hid before advancing. The monument is on the front line, pretty much as far as most got to, and behind is their war cemetery…..20170517_130211.jpg

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