Good morning from camp Doris

I’m getting used to this motorhome lark, especially when the sun is out and that irritating mini vacuum isn’t. Our routine has slowed to snail pace and the days are long and chilled. Sometimes too much.

Sandwich has a very lovely park with a cricket pitch. Ideal for zooms, ducks and polite teenagers to hang around in. But what’s with the A road motorbike racing at night and fast car driving? Kent evidently needs more speed cameras! (But not in parks)

Yesterday Elaine pootled off to nearby Richborough Castle. Nothing like Roman ruins to yourself apparently, aids the imagination. Built in AD43 the site has deep defence trenches and impressive walls. Sandwich was then a port and the castle served as a landing site and storage camp.

Well worth a look if you’re in the area. 

So Hythe next before Le Shuttle. A numpty lurcher in a motorhome in a train in a tunnel under the sea. Could be shenanigans…..

4 thoughts on “Good morning from camp Doris

  1. *searches for Hythe*
    Snails pace is just the right way to do this trip; why rush, when you can drink in your lovely surroundings😃.
    Sandwich looks as beautiful as I recall it. Chocolate box houses and all that.
    Can’t wait for your shenanigans under the channel😂
    Love from Jimmy, Nelly, and Daisy (who are very jealous!)


    • I didn’t like the tunnel, it was noisy and smelly! The humans had to sit either side of me until I calmed down. Elaine said it was a ruse for cuddles! Heehee. Sandwich was lovely and all the pubs doggy friendly x


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