Anorak weather in Margate

Like most seaside towns Margate looked pretty drab in the drizzle, so not it’s fault. I, however, got to wear my new anorak so was enjoying the bracing sea air (note flapping ears).

Often maligned the seafront was just suffering from lack of sunshine. A nice beach, areas to eat outside, a pleasant old town and Dreamland being restored. Margate is loved in part. Oh and Elaine thought the Turner Contemporary was great (I was in the pub).
Because of the rain and incessant wind we upped sticks and drove onto Sandwich for a week. It’s impossibly cute for want of a better Tudor description. Small but ram packed full of ye olde buildings and fine establishments. Photos do it no justice whatsoever….

Dogs on site – me and a Red Setter puppy (don’t see those very often).
Wildlife – many ducks and a day hasn’t gone by yet when we haven’t seen a robin. 

2 thoughts on “Anorak weather in Margate

  1. Hello, Doz! Long time since I last got in touch. I think you look lovely in your anorak, and you brightened up the sea front at Margate.
    Every day I wonder, “where is Doris today?” “Probably having a snooze in the pub, I bet😉”
    The inside of your camper van looks very swish and cosy; maybe you could give us a tour of that too!
    Nelly and Daisy are well, and they had their annual boosters and health checks yesterday. For once, Nelly didn’t scream!
    Loving your blogs, and we can’t wait to see you all some day for a walk. Hopefully on a beach, that’d be pawesome!
    Love and best wishes,
    Jimmy, Nelly, and Daisy. Xxx


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