Les Settons to the Ardèche (sometimes awake)

Blimey it’s hot in France, around 30 most days. I endeavour to cook myself at every opportunity only to be thwarted by a cool van and a draggable bed. Pfft, I LIKE heat!

I also like lakes. This is the lake at Les Settons and it truly is a beautiful place. You can cycle the 17k around the lake, swim, paddle or just drink. We did all four. 

We then drove down through pretty Beaujolais and stopped overnight in not so pretty Anse. A small town ruined by a constant stream of heavy lorries, such a shame. We’re now further south in the Ardèche region and it’s quite lovely. Hills, trees, rivers, it’s got it all…. oh and lots of tourists thanks to a French bank holiday and mothers day!

Wildlife seen – bats, bloomin loads of them dive bombing me during bedtime abolutions. 

Dogs on site – me, a rogue black lab that runs about and 2 terriers. 

In Lac D’Orient (literally)

It’s really rather lovely here. A huge lake, pretty campsite and a dog friendly bar. 

Staying in Albert in the Somme was great though. The town was perfectly positioned for Elaine and P to cycle around the key memorials and many smaller cemeteries littered inbetween. She thinks she’s mastered collage so hopefully… The Newfoundland Memorial, Thiepval, Lochnagar Crater and Vimy Ridge..

And more of my fabulous swimming (luckily not in video as it actually involves much high speed leg flapping)

Dogs on site – moi et deux plus

Bonjour mes amis 

Yep, I’m in France! The channel tunnel was a swift and easy affair albeit unnerving for a delicate hound like myself. Luckily being in our own vehicle meant I could be comforted accordingly (ie lots)

The above beach is Dunkerque and behind me are several German bunker remains and the famous evacuation area. Shame about the tagging…

20170515_130109We’re now in the Somme region having driven a couple of hours south via Ypres and Vimy Ridge. Ypres is a pretty town with beautiful brick buildings, on a sunny day it belies it’s tragic past. The Menin Gate….

20170516_120622.jpgThe Somme countryside is stunning but what can you say really….. I think the last photo sums it up. It’s the Dorset Regiment’s monument alone in a farmer’s field which Elaine came across on her bike. To the left are the woods where the regiment hid before advancing. The monument is on the front line, pretty much as far as most got to, and behind is their war cemetery…..20170517_130211.jpg

Good morning from camp Doris

I’m getting used to this motorhome lark, especially when the sun is out and that irritating mini vacuum isn’t. Our routine has slowed to snail pace and the days are long and chilled. Sometimes too much.

Sandwich has a very lovely park with a cricket pitch. Ideal for zooms, ducks and polite teenagers to hang around in. But what’s with the A road motorbike racing at night and fast car driving? Kent evidently needs more speed cameras! (But not in parks)

Yesterday Elaine pootled off to nearby Richborough Castle. Nothing like Roman ruins to yourself apparently, aids the imagination. Built in AD43 the site has deep defence trenches and impressive walls. Sandwich was then a port and the castle served as a landing site and storage camp.

Well worth a look if you’re in the area. 

So Hythe next before Le Shuttle. A numpty lurcher in a motorhome in a train in a tunnel under the sea. Could be shenanigans…..

Anorak weather in Margate

Like most seaside towns Margate looked pretty drab in the drizzle, so not it’s fault. I, however, got to wear my new anorak so was enjoying the bracing sea air (note flapping ears).

Often maligned the seafront was just suffering from lack of sunshine. A nice beach, areas to eat outside, a pleasant old town and Dreamland being restored. Margate is loved in part. Oh and Elaine thought the Turner Contemporary was great (I was in the pub).
Because of the rain and incessant wind we upped sticks and drove onto Sandwich for a week. It’s impossibly cute for want of a better Tudor description. Small but ram packed full of ye olde buildings and fine establishments. Photos do it no justice whatsoever….

Dogs on site – me and a Red Setter puppy (don’t see those very often).
Wildlife – many ducks and a day hasn’t gone by yet when we haven’t seen a robin. 

Isle of Wight to Kent


Although I didn’t see a single red squirrel I’ll award the Isle of Wight a full 5 paw rating. We were all quite sad to leave.

But onto Kent via Selsey for a few nights. We’ve taken up residence in a field not far from Margate (obviously legit) and I rather like it. Horses, rabbits and a big tidal beach. The obligatory dog friendly pub for them and fantastic cycling along the Viking Trail. Annoyingly it’s raining but a jaunt to Margate’s Old Town has been mooted.

Dogs on site – me


The cycle path and view at Birchington and, more importantly, live action Doris….