Here there be giants


The amazing, yet faintly confusing to a dog, model village at Godshill. Ye olde Isle of Wight with the best miniature topiary outside Kew and mini thatched cottages. A total delight for hounds and humans, especially after a pint in the Taverners pub.


The Isle of Wight is utterly dog friendly, I’ve been everywhere. Sandown Chines, Priory Beach, Ventnor, St Helen’s and needless to say countless pubs along the way. The humans have cycled 54km along the Red Squirrel Trail, Cowes to Sandown and back. Reportedly this was a beautiful day on traffic free tracks (albeit lacking in squirrels, where are those little red blighters?) Elaine has also been horse riding on Bembridge beach and I’ve traipsed a lot of sand into the van.

Dogs on site, 2 pugs and me

Beautiful Ventnor…..


4 thoughts on “Here there be giants

  1. Oh, Doris, you look like you’re having the time of your life!
    I’ve never been to a model village, and that one looks fab. In your photos it looks like you have drunk a growth potion, and run amok to cause all sorts of mayhem😄.
    I can’t wait to see where you end up next on your grand tour, it’s keeping me well entertained.
    Bye for now. Xxx


  2. Thanks James, I was totally dumbfounded by the whole place! Apparently most dogs bark at the display but I was silent throughout. Glad you’re liking my travels so far.. we’ve got a long way to go x


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