Isle of Wight


How could you not love the Isle of Wight when this is the zooming ground?! The stunning beach of Compton Bay, ideal for ball chasing hounds and geology fans. Whilst the humans rifled around for fossils (obviously not finding any) I trotted about and admired the glorious blue sky…..


This more than made up for being dragged around The Needles attraction park. The rocks, quite frankly, are too far away for even a sighthound to appreciate and the cafes were full of kids and dogs I wasn’t allowed to sniff. I did find the mock Needles intriguing however and it is a charity fountain so worth a coin for the humps….


Wildlife count- Red squirrels 0, badgers 1, hedgehogs 1 (seriously barked at)

Dogs on site- 11

4 thoughts on “Isle of Wight

  1. Oh what a beautiful place to be, Doris. Perfect for chasing of the ball, and a good paddle. I’ve never been to the Isle of Wight, but I did go to the Isles of Scilly (however, I was way too young to recall this. Apparently I was sick a lot on the boat.).
    The last island I did visit was Holy Island with Tina a few years back; lots of sheep.
    Anyway, I’m off for a walk with Nelly and Daisy, then I have housework to do. Already looking forward to your next post, my lovely friend.


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